3 Steps to Take Following a Car Accident

Any kind of auto accident is scary, but there’s a reason they say any good crash is one you can walk away from. So long as you and anyone else involved is safe, that’s what’s most important. Still, it’s probably good to know what to do in the immediate aftermath to make the trauma and hassle as minimal as possible. Here are three steps to take following a car accident that will help you do just that.

1. Hospital Checks

Yes, you feel completely fine. Even so, you should go to the hospital and get checked out by a doctor. There are numerous medical issues that might only reveal themselves through checks despite how fine you feel. Not even having a few basic tests done following an accident means you’re putting yourself at risk of serious injury or death at the hands of these conditions. What does it matter if your car is broken if you’re too broken to drive it?

2. Car Assessment

After you’ve been checked out, it’s your car’s turn. Unless your car has been totaled in the accident, it’s typically much cheaper to have things repaired than to simply buy a new one. Shops that offer auto body repair Denver CO are abundant and, provided you’re not at fault for the accident, likely won’t be too much of a burden once insurance pays their due.

3. Keep a Record

You never know when things will go wrong. From the moment of the accident to months down the line, make sure you’re keeping a good record with evidence of what transpired. Things like claim number, the cost of things you have to pay for as a result of the accident, names of the people involved, and more all need to go down so you don’t forget (or someone else “forgets”). This ensures you get what’s coming to you and don’t lose out.

Auto accidents are scary, but following these three steps after they happen can help to make things a bit less of a battle.…

4 Ways Your Brakes Indicate They Are Going Bad

Driving your vehicle requires the ability to stop when you need to. While accelerating to get to your desired speed is great, if you cannot stop, an accident looms in your near future. Brakes are essential to your vehicle. Here are four signs that they are going bad.


When the brakes on your vehicle have no pads left, the brakes make a growling or grinding noise. Metal on metal signals a need for brake repair Lynnwood. Failure to replace the brake pads can result in damage to the rotor. While rotors can be turned or resurfaced, often they need replacement. Replacing rotors is more costly than simple brake pads.


When you press the brakes in your vehicle, they shouldn’t pull you to one side but stop in a straight line. A pulling sensation could indicate something in the brake fluid or uneven wear on the brake linings. Replacing the fluid or adjusting the brakes can eliminate the problem.


Warped rotors can make the brake pedal pulsate or vibrate. When the rotor is warped, the pads cannot make a smooth contact with the rotor. If vibrations occurs during braking, it is likely warped rotors. If the vibration occurs at other driving times, the alignment of the vehicle could be off.


Your brakes should immediately respond when you press the pedal. If the pedal sinks to the floor, there’s a leak somewhere in the system. Inspect beneath the vehicle for any leaking fluid while the car is parked. If unsure, speak to a qualified mechanic to assess the brakes.

Fixing your brakes as soon as you notice a problem can help you avoid an accident. Squishy brakes are extremely dangerous. Don’t let brake problems keep you from safely operating your vehicle. Have them inspected, repaired or replaced as soon as you notice a problem. Chances are your brakes are letting you know there is one.…

What Is Fuel Economy?

How far can you get on a tank of fuel? This question is essential for budgeting long-distance travel, planning extensive trips, and understanding the ecological impact of your vehicles. Learning how fuel economy is calculated, how to track it, and how to maintain (or even increase) your fuel efficiency can have major benefits for your vehicles, bottom line, and the environment.

Calculating Fuel Economy

Fuel economy can be calculated with a fairly simple formula. Simply divide the distance traveled by the volume of fuel used to travel that distance. For example: if your vehicle traveled 300 miles on 10 gallons of gas, divide 300 miles by 10 gallons. The fuel economy for this scenario would be 30 miles per gallon (mpg). Most vehicles have reported their fuel economy and you can easily look up your fuel economy online.

Tracking Fuel Economy

Tracking your long-term fuel economy, especially if you manage a fleet of vehicles, is generally a good idea. Logbooks are readily available, many of which also allow you to track other kinds of maintenance on the go. Tracking fill-ups, mileage, and other minor considerations will allow you to project your costs in the future.

Improving Fuel Economy

Fuel efficiency is largely influenced by your vehicle and engine set up. However, you can achieve minor improvements in fuel efficiency by modifying your driving habits. One of the easiest ways to consistently raise your miles to gallon ratio is to find your vehicle’s optimal speed, generally at or around 55–60 miles per hour for most standard automobiles. This cruising speed can build up to significant savings in the long term. You can also minimize your use of peripherals (A/C, radio, seat warmers, etc.) as the energy needed to power these devices reduces the energy available to keep your car moving.

Fuel efficiency awareness is not just an environmental concern. If you can reduce your fuel consumption by bettering your fuel economy, you can save significant amounts of money on fuel for years to come.…

What is a Flue Gas Analyzer?

A flue gas analyzer is an instrument, either portable or stationary, designed to measure and record the amount and temperature of gases emitted in the flue or exhaust of various fossil-fueled appliances, including the internal combustion engines found in automobiles. The flue gas analyzer measures the amount of carbon monoxide and other gases emitted in the exhaust so that the efficiency of combustion can be evaluated, and dangerous gas emissions can be detected. Other gases detected can include carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen, as well as sulfur dioxide and particulate matter.

In addition, the analyzer can be used to monitor the ambient air for traces of carbon monoxide and other noxious gases that might otherwise go undetected.

Testing Appliances

To determine the safety and performance of home and commercial appliances, the flue gas analyzer measures the levels of the gases emitted to allow the potential for combustion problems to be evaluated. To measure emissions, a probe attached to the analyzer is placed in the exhaust of the appliance. The analyzer stores the measurements for later analysis, enabling the appliance to be diagnosed, evaluated and fine-tuned for optimal efficiency.

Monitoring Ambient Air

The flue gas analyzer also functions to monitor the ambient air to determine if carbon monoxide is leaking from an appliance into the surrounding space. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 50,000 people in the U.S. go to emergency rooms each year from carbon monoxide poisoning. As a result, 430 deaths occur. Because carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, a flue gas analyzer can literally be a life-saving device.

The flue gas analyzer is a high-performance and effective tool that offers substantial benefits in minimizing the loss of life and property damage as well as improving the performance and efficient combustion of fossil-fueled appliances.…

New Hyundai Santro 2018 – the famous family car is back in a new avatar

Hyundai Santro has been one of the best-selling Hyundai Cars in India. This car put the company on the automobile map of India and propped the company to the top 3 automobile manufacturers in India. For reasons best known to them, Hyundai discontinued Santro and started to focus on other offerings but could not achieve the glory days it enjoyed with Santro.

Now, the Santro is back in a new avatar, Hyundai Santro 2018. The company has revamped the aesthetics, specifications and almost everything about the new Santro. Rather it looks eerily similar to the now discontinued i10 from Hyundai. Let’s have a look at some of the key specifications of the new Hyundai Santro and if it would bring back the old glory days for Hyundai.


The new Santro gets an attractive look from the front, thanks to its new bumper and teardrop headlamps. There is a black cladding on the front, which is unusually prominent and overpowers the entire aesthetics. There are boomerang shaped creases, at the front and rear, adding a bit of flair to the car. On the rear, the car looks muscular with its rear-wheel arches, bumper with cladding, attractive tail lamps and deep creases on the boot. There are no alloy wheels provided by Hyundai with the new Santro.


The interiors of the new Santro are one of the best in this price segment. The elegant design of the dashboard is accentuated by the easy to handle controls encased in a sporty instrument cluster. Then there is the 7-inch touch-screen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Mirror-link. The seats are spacious and comfortable for travellers sitting in front or at back. There are some exciting features like rear-ac vents, reverse parking sensors, power windows, trip computer and plenty of storage spaces provided as well. The boot space is just about adequate at 235 litre. The only issue is the low height of the steering wheel which might be an issue during long drives.


Hyundai Santro is available with two fuel options Petrol and CNG. Users can choose from manual or automatic transmission. The car is powered by a 1080 cc engine across all variants. The mileage for the petrol variant is around 20.3 kmpl and for the CNG variant is 30.48 kmpl.


New Santro price for the petrol variant starts from Rs. 3.90 Lakhs and goes up to Rs. 5.47 Lakhs. New Santro price for the CNG variant starts from Rs. 5.24 Lakhs and goes up to Rs. 5.65 Lakhs. All the prices are on ex-showroom basis.


The new Hyundai Santro is available in seven different colours i.e. Fiery Red, Polar White, Marina Blue, Typhoon Silver, Star Dust, Diana Green, and Imperial Beige.

With a totally revamped look and some exciting features, it is expected that the New Hyundai Santro is going to find its share of takers amongst the car-loving Indians.

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Buying A Freight Liner Truck

If you are considering getting into the truck driving business, may be you should think about buying a freight liner truck. You need to understand that this line of business requires driving long distances across the country transporting goods from one location to another. It often means looking melt times on the roads but seeing places you have never been before. Also, you are looking at some really good pay. Being a truck driver means you will need a CDL license and some insurance to cover you in case of an accident. Who knows? Being on the road just might be your thing.

Do Have To Buy A Freight Liner

There are plenty of companies that offer truck driving experience that you do not need to buy your own truck from. Grocery store chains, beverage companies, and the postal service are just a few of the companies you could work for who provide the trucks for you. Yes, you do make some good money but you can make more of you go with a company that requires you to have your own 18-wheeler. They pay more because you are hauling their goods in your vehicle knowing that you are driving very long distances to make sure their products get to the right place. That in itself can be fitting but being heavily compensated makes up for it. You can ask around at truck stops as to which jobs pay more to see what company you should go with in terms of being hired. If your city has a port, chances are hey need drivers to carry their freight to another state for a huge fee. They are willing to pay because that is money not only given to you but for your city to produce and transport more goods. This is what helps our economy.

How Do I Get A Freight Liner

There are companies out there that freightliner trucks for sale around the nation. Of course, they are very expensive. We are talking about the same price as a luxury car or greater. You can also find them used. Whatever you decide to go with, just know that you will need plenty of insurance to cover this big expense. You do hear about them jack knifing often, so it is important to maintain good insurance coverage. Also, you can finance the truck if you can not pay for it in full. Companies will work with you if you need the help. Check with the company that wants to hire you as well. They may have a trucks available that you can purchase and will just take out the monthly payment from what they owe you. They also may have insurance that you could cover it with as well.

Buying a truck means you are ready to hit the road and do something different. It is open territory and you can explore while hauling a load to its destination. You will have bragging rights for traveling across this big nation.

What to Expect When Getting Your Car Professionally Detailed

If you’re interested in maintaining the cleanliness of your car, you may consider getting it professionally detailed. Not only will this ensure that your vehicle remains sanitary, but it can also help to increase its value. But what does car detailing involve? Here’s what you should expect when getting your car professionally detailed.

Paint Care

Professional detailers understand that your paint job is very delicate. This is why most reputable companies will handle your car in three steps: cleaning, correction, and protection. Cleaning involves washing and drying so that all of the dirt and grime is removed. Correction involves the use of a clay bar application which helps to remove all of the contaminants that may be present in your clear coat. Correction involves polishing so that any fine scratches are removed before the car is eventually sealed with wax.

Wheels and Chassis

Not only is your paint job given new life, but so are the undercarriage and chassis. This includes the area directly beneath your car as well as the inside of your wheel wells and around suspension components. Your splash guards, tires, and wheels will be washed and covered with a plastic protectant so that they are protected from cracking and corrosion.

Lights and Trim

If your taillights and headlights happen to show signs of oxidation, the professional detailers will apply a polishing compound and then seal them with a plastic sealant. If your car features a chrome trim, it will be cleaned. If you have a plastic or vinyl trim, it will be covered with a protectant to help fight against fading and cracking. The most thorough detailing companies will also clean and polish your exhaust tip.

Interior Detailing

A big part of car detailing includes the interior. All seating and carpeting will be cleaned. The company can either use a steam cleaner or shampoo. All vinyl and plastics will be cleaned and dressed. If your car features leather, it will be conditioned and cleaned. Most thorough companies will also clean the trunk area.

Engine Bay

Most people tend to associate car detailing with the exterior and interior of the car. However, there are companies who will clean under the hood as well. In this case, they will lightly mist your engine bay with water and then clean it with a degreaser. After this, they will rinse it. Once it is completely dry, all of your plastic, rubber, and silicone components will be covered so as to prevent cracking.


The cost of your detailing is largely dependent on the size of your vehicle, the type of automobile you drive, your location, and the quality of the company you’re working with. However, the average cost of detailing ranges anywhere from $50 to $150. The price increases when you request the use of certain waxes, special equipment, or if you have leather upholstery. You can start an online search for any type of  auto detailing raleigh nc business.


Professional detailing can extend the life and value of your vehicle. The key is to search for a company that offers a wide range of services. We’ve just discussed some of the basics.…