Great Places to Get Money for Your Junk Car

Junk cars can be sold outright or scrapped for parts. Depending on the make and model some actually fetch a pretty good price. If you have a run down auto taking up space on your property there are numerous ways to make money off of it. No matter if it is a collectable, a rare find, or common any junk car will bring in profit as it starts with no value to begin with. How much often depends on where you sell it. Here are the most popular options to make money off your junk car.

Scrap Yards and Salvage Yards

A scrap yard or salvage yard is a convenient way to make money off your junk car. Many of them will even pick your car up for you saving the hassle of arranging transport. Scrap and Salvage does not look at the value of your car or the parts inside but rather the weight. They pay per ton. Once you sell them your auto it will be broken down. The price is tied to the value of steel and can be anywhere between $150 to $300 dollars. So if you have a large, heavy junk auto in your possession you could make a pretty penny. If you happen to have a valuable junk car this is not the option for you, but for common cars with no real value its is the easiest way to get rid of them for profit.


Online services come in two main forms. They either serve as the middleman and help you market and sell your junk car, or they just buy it outright. Sites that buy it outright offer a flat rate and take all the hassle off of selling it. They are charities, government programs, not-for-profit companies, and other organizations. You tell them the make, model, and condition and they offer you a price based on that information. They then show up and take the car free of charge. The price they offer is usually not much but what you going for is convenience. Once again if your auto is not valuable it is a good choice.

Online marketers are good to use if your car is valuable. It may have value because of a certain part of because it is a certain make and model. Researching your car’s value is always a good idea as it can aid you in deciding what option to sell it to. Part hunters, collectors, and restorers are the usual suspects who look for junk cars. You can nab a pretty decent price if you have exactly what they need. An online retailer or market platform is a great way to sell your entire vehicle or just parts. Some sites are even completely dedicated to getting money for junk cars West Palm Beach FL.


A junkyard is another place you can sell your run-down auto too. You have to contact them and provide them with your auto’s specific information. They will either offer you a price or say no. If they do you negotiate said price and try to get more money. The price depends on the type of car and the kind of demand they get for parts.